How can I know if God exists?

Most people in the world think that some type of God exists. But there are still a lot of people that say "There is no God" - but how can you be certain?

Proving that something doesn't exist is impossible - all a person can truthfully say is that the thing in question probably doesn't exist based on the evidences they have seen or heard. But this does not prove that the thing doesn't exist.

An atheist is actually believing by faith that there is no God rather than believing by proof! The only other option is to agree that there is a possibility that outside of their understanding a God could exist but that they have seen no convincing arguments for God. However to say this infers that in the future there is a possibility that they could hear or see a convincing argument for the existence of God.

There are many different evidences that point to the fact that a God exists. A few of them are on this page - they don't prove 100% that God exists but they do make it very very likely.

If there is a small chance that God does exist then we should really try to find out more about Him and whether he exists as our whole eternal future will depend on what this God thinks towards us.

Absolute Morals

In order for absolute right and wrong to exist there needs to be an outside agent (God) saying what is right and wrong. Some morals are cultural and relative but there are lots that are considered as absolutes. We all live our lives as if there are absolute morals, even if we try to deny them, but the way we live shows what we really believe. Absolute right and wrong infer an outside standard or judge which would infer that God does exist.


The Universe has the appearance of design and purpose therefore, if we were not looking at things from a biased point of view, we would naturally assume an intelligent designer. This is just the same as if we saw some scattered stones on a hill side spelling "I love you" - we would expect that some intelligent designer had arranged the stones in that pattern to communicate with us.

The Universe

There are only three options to explain the Universe existing at all...
a) It created itself - This is illogical as it would have had to exist already in order to make itself and therefore if it already existed it would not need to be created!
b) It is eternal - This goes against all scientific discoveries concerning the Universe. It is a complete leap of faith into the dark as there is no evidence at all to support this idea.
c) An uncaused, eternal, all powerful being created the universe out of nothing - The scientific evidence is that the Universe came into existence out of nothing very quickly. This 3rd option, which suggests that a God exists, is the most logical explanation of the existence of the Universe.

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